Tips On Managing Your Small Business: Contract Agreement, Invoicing & Accounting

No matter if your just a start-up Fashion Brand or a small company with less then 5 employees, your still managing a business and that means you need to deal with payments, legal forms, accounting and invoices. Don’t under value them as your business is worth it!

Contract Agreement: It’s common that small businesses owners, they seal the deal with just a handshake or verbal agreement while a contract, proper documentation will give their business solid legal protection should the need arise. A good contract agreement should state: both names and details of client and the service provider, full description of services/products that needs to be provided, deadlines for delivering a service/product, deadline for payments and finally protecting your business with a form on confidential information and intellectual property. Depending on your business mention all obligations and responsibilities of both parties for no future surprises.

Invoicing and Accounting: As a small business owner, you’ve got countless things to do with your time while being flooded with crunching numbers and balancing incomes and expenses. Dealing with accounting and invoices are crucial part of your business but it should be fast and easy while professional. Thanks to tech-standards today there are many digital software and web-based solutions to help you manage financials online and on the cloud. Fresh books cloud accounting is a top cloud accounting solutions for small business owners: