Stand & Deliver Your Brand

Stand and deliver your brand, there is a new era upon us. There is a real and definite requirement to assess carefully the capability of a brand to deliver its promise credibly, before making a claim in the market place. As an example if a brand is “caring” then it must show, very clearly, how it delivers this. If it claims to be “dynamic” it must clearly communicate this characteristics. If the claims fail to deliver then the consumer will de-select, move on, and invest in a brand that keeps its word, a brand that delivers against its promise.

For instance, Apple customers remain loyal because the brand delivers. The objects are desirable and we feel “big love”, but more importantly they are desirable objects that work. When the iPhone launched the communications strategy focused on the simple, user-friendly functionality, the brand delivered those strategies. Patagonia is another example of brand that claims for the “ environmental friendly” mission statement and they deliver this statement by using e-fires, organic cotton, recycle polyester, etc. Moreover, they also deliver their claim by giving 1% of their sales to support environmental organizations around the world.