Branding a Start-up Luxury Hotel in the historical center of Rome Italy.

Based on market research and trend analysis, Amerai introduced a strategic branding concept, graphic identity and website design for Singer Palace Hotel.  Amerai proposed innovative branding strategies, themes and storytelling techniques to differentiate and market Singer Palace.  Following the brand strategies, we developed the Brand Identity, Logo, colour palette and symbol for the hotel. In Addition we designed an attractive website to showcase and present the hotel with simple and easy navigation system.


A travel, Fashion & lifestyle blog on the Mediterranean. Lemoni introduces handpicked list of Cities, Beach Towns, Hotels, Boutiques & Mediterranean Fashion Brands. Lemoni was created to help those that are planning a trip to the Mediterranean and those that are interested in finding great restaurants, boutique hotels or niche Mediterranean fashion brands; or those that just want to get inspired by the Mediterranean culture and lifestyle.

Amerai introduced the concept of the blog as well as the brand identity (Font, Logo, Colour palette, symbols). Amerai als0 designed and developed the Lemoni’s website taking inspiration from the Mediterranean Colours and symbols.