Branding a Start-up Luxury Hotel in the historical center of Rome Italy.

Based on market research and trend analysis, Amerai introduced a strategic branding concept, graphic identity and website design for Singer Palace Hotel.  Amerai proposed innovative branding strategies, themes and storytelling techniques to differentiate and market Singer Palace.  Following the brand strategies, we developed the Brand Identity, Logo, colour palette and symbol for the hotel. In Addition we designed an attractive website to showcase and present the hotel with simple and easy navigation system.


Branding a Mediterranean inspired Blog. Lemoni is a travel, Fashion & lifestyle blog on the Mediterranean.

Amerai developed the concept, the brand identity ( Logo, Colour palette, symbols) as well as the website design and development.

Branding of  start-up premium jewellery brand Ludovica Marchegiani. 

Ludovica Marchegiani is a fine jewellery designer that creates pieces as true codes of femininity. This is an exclusive jewellery brand Hand Made in Italy using 18K gold and precious gemstones.

Amerai introduced the Brand Identity of Ludovica Marchegiani, taking inspiration from floral shapes and soft pastel colors to showcase a feminine and romantic brand. The Brand’s logo, font and symbol communicates a true feminine and alluring brand identity.

Re-branding of a business transformation of a three star hotel to a boutique hotel.

Amerai proposed innovative brand strategies of developing the boutique hotel concept followed by: hotel’s positioning in the market, SWOT analysis, history and background of the customer’s experience to differentiate the hotel from other three/four star hotels. As a result we implemented the new brand strategies in the journey of customer’s boutique experience. The implementations of this rebranding was applied in all areas to keep the strategies coherent in the following sectors:
-Storytelling and the concept: Developing the boutique hotel concept based on “homey feeling” and Italian family business.

-Brand Identity: Design of Services, Name, Logo, Symbol, Colors, Typography, Tag Line, and Imagery.

-Interior Identity: The Décor and styling of each room to follow the brand strategy. Collaborating with the architect in selecting the fabrics, accessories, lighting, furniture and the paintings to create the “homey feeling’.

-Website: Design and developing the website.

-Art & Photography: Proposing the art direction of customized paintings for all rooms. Collaborating with a photographer in setting and styling the rooms for each photo shoot.

-Stationery: Developing the graphic identity such as: Guest Directory, Hotel’s brochure, business cards, menus and door signs.

-Styling the hotel: Buying all the accessories such as: artwork, books, sculptures, cushions for styling all the rooms. Moreover, styling the setting and presentation of the breakfast and other services.

-Suppliers: Finding and sourcing the “right” suppliers to create customized services/products and to differentiate the boutique hotel concept from other commercializes services. We sourced supplier from different sectors such as: furniture and accessories, artist and photographer, food and beverages, print agency, florists and more.

Business development of a start-up venture in fashion industry

‘The Founder’ is a high quality urban-city lifestyle brand for the men and women of today; offering products with excellent value for money.

As a start-up online fashion venture, Amerai was involved in the introduction of the philosophy and the branding concept of ‘Urban city lifestyle brand’ taking inspiration from men and women of today living in major urban cities. Followed by marketing research, industry analysis, SWOT analysis and finally trend analysis; we consulted in the areas of Brand Management such as: story telling, design direction of the products, brand identity, graphic identity, communication identity for advertising, website, packaging, and the pop-up store. Moreover, we advised on marketing and sales techniques with suggestions for modern and traditional communication to increase brand awareness as well as, digital and social media tactics and ideas to engage the readers and potential clients.