Few Tips On Pop-Up Shops For Start-up Businesses

Pop-up shops are great for start-up businesses especially for online brands. It’s a great experience for the brand to display and network with clients and benefit from foot traffic potential customers. Offline appearance and the face-to-face time with customers offer a casual market research opportunity – the type of experience that, for a direct-to-consumer, online brand is an indispensable rarity. Depending on your goals, strategy and execution they can help build brand awareness, be a form of market research and sell product. No matter what you are trying to do, participating in one will provide learnings, but nonetheless, you’ll still want to be smart about your efforts.

Here are few useful tips:

Start the calendar at least 5-7 weeks prior to the opening in order to plot out strategy, marketing, inventory and print collateral needs (signage, postcards, business cards, look-books, stamps, etc…).

Location is the most important part of a good pop-up shop. Don’t sacrifice a prime location for some bucks. Base your Pop-up shop on great foot traffic locations targeted at your clientele. Pop your shop at an established location with either an existing network or with a lot of foot traffic. It takes a customer awhile to discover and share a new location and most young businesses do not have the time or resources to do that.

Invest in Marking. Start the calendar early in promoting your event; your newsletter, blog, social media, emails to friends and clients. Reach out to your customers, urging them to come and passing it to friends is valuable.

Pair up and share. It’s less risky and it really helps to pair up with another brand or several other designers so they can bring in their networks and you can share the expenses.